Web Development

Need an extra boost for Your website? Custom applications tailored to Your business! Looking for that extra something to enhance your website? You've come to the right place! We offer custom applications designed specifically for your business.

At a glance

Every business has its own unique requirements and processes. At Cre8ive Media, our web development solutions are designed to cater to these specific needs. Whether it's an online booking system or an e-commerce online store, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service while developing safe and secure web applications.

Some of our web development projects include:

website development

Online quote & estimate system

Want to enable your visitors to obtain instant quotations for your services? We can provide an interactive online quote service that is easy for your visitors to use while capturing vital information regarding their requirements.

This system offers two options for handling the information. It can either simply email the information to the visitor or email the visitor and store the information into a database.

If a database is used, an admin portal enables you to view all the information submitted by the visitor, which can then be used for follow-up communication. If required, this system can even be advanced to include some CRM (customer relationship management) features.

website app development

User subscription & registration

Want to allow customers and new visitors to your website the ability to register and create an online account?

Allowing users to register an account on your website can be extremely valuable in keeping them up to date with information and enabling them to update and record their information. A well-designed system can automate many tasks, ultimately saving time and money.

E-commerce website development

E-commerce web site solutions.

Kickstart your online business with our e-commerce solutions. Cre8ive Media's e-commerce solutions are powerful and robust, providing you with complete control over your online store.

We offer a range of services to assist you in setting up your online business, including setup, hosting, and complete management of your online store.

  • Low overheads
  • Safe & secure online transactions
  • Easily automate the process of handling purchases
  • Capture vital information on products and services